Christian Siriano to judge teen version of ‘Project Runway’

The young adult genre has overtaken books and movies and is now on its way to conquering television as well. A junior version is in the works or exists for “American Idol” and “Master Chef” and now, it was just announced, “Project Runway.”

A press release from Lifetime broke the news this week that they had signed on to air the first season of “Threads,” which is being widely touted by fans as a teenage version of “Project Runway.” Of course, the comparison is hard to resist when Lifetime announced that “Project Runway: Season Four” winner Christian Siriano would be judging the competition, along with Vanessa Simmons. Simmons is the daughter of Joseph Simmons (Rev Run of RunDMC) and an actress in her own right. Seventeen magazine will be taking on the position held by Marie Claire for “Project Runway.” Seventeen’s Fashion Director Gina Kelly and Jasmine Snow, the magazine’s Accessories Editor, will have roles on the show.

The guest stars/celebrity judges that have already been confirmed for “Threads” features some former “Project Runway” celebrity judges including Kelly Osbourne. It is thought that Siriano will be playing duel role as both host and judge. “Threads” has already been using Mood Fabrics as a casting location and it is expected that the fabric store will take on the same starring role it has played on “Project Runway.”

Click here: Best looks for Mood Fabric’s spokesdog Swatch

Siriano, of course, used his stint on “Project Runway” to reach the national stage. He has gone on to become a fashion powerhouse. Besides is eponymous line, and boutique in New York City, Siriano also is the mind behind the designs for a discount fashion label sold by Payless Shoes. The ultra affordable line features shoes and handbags.

Click here: Christian Siriano’s Payless Gold Shoe Collection

“Threads” will be just one of several fashion and beauty based series that will be new to Lifetime. At the same time the network announced the creation of “Threads” it also released information on shows like “Girlfriend Intervention,” a makeover show, “Worst Stylist Ever,” a competition show for hair stylists, and “Ugly Models,” which is a docu-series giving a behind the scenes look at a one of a kind modeling agency that prides itself on the uniqueness of their models.

Casting is already complete for this season of “Threads.” The show is expected to air this year.

Choose The Best Fabric For Sewing Your Dream Garment

In order to design beautiful clothes that you love to wear, having an idea regarding different fabric surely helps. Online fabric store have made it easy for the buyers to pick up the exact selections they like based upon specific budgets and requirements. If you are planning to sew a garment anytime soon, it is surely time to pick up the exact fabric that touches your heart. Go for wrong choices and all you have in your hands is an unsuccessful project. Best garments require a seamless integration of patterns with fabrics for creations that stand out and appear unique.

Those undertaking a sewing project start from one of the two definite scenarios.

  • You adore a patterns now want to fabric to match the same
  • You have the fabric, now all you require is some suitable pattern

Wherever you may be starting from, a knowledge regarding different types of available fabric surely helps. If you have a pattern with you, use it as a guide to reach the exact fabric that will suit the same. When you are sewing garments, it is important to know about the main 12 available varieties. This includes the following:

  1. Voile Cotton: Voile is semi-sheer lightweight fabric having fantastic draping qualities, which you can buy from fabric stores.
  2. Rayon Challis: This lightweight, smooth fabric drapes well when compared to other fabric, lightweight varieties these are slightly heavier.
  3. Lawn Cotton: It is more a less similar to voile the only difference being is that lawn is crispy or when compared to the other type.
  4. Denim: For those who are looking for something heavier than other fabrics, having little stretch or drapes, denim is the ideal choice.
  5. Knit: It can be of various types from medium weight to completely lightweight. When you require loads of stretch this is your best. Patterns can be for either knit or woven with exact specifications.
  6. Chambray: This is another lightweight smooth fabric variety. However, compared to others of its ilk it doesn’t stretch or drape as well.
  7. Flannel: when you are looking for a lightweight and soft fabric flannel is a good choice. It is for cold temperatures and you may prepare pants, shirts, and jackets using this.
  8. Double Gauze: This unique fabric contains 2 gauze layers that remained woven together. It is a breathable and light fabric is a good choice for you in all regards.
  9. Silk: This delicate and lightweight fabric is dreams come true for any sewing project. When you are looking for elegance and sophistication, you do not need to look beyond silk fabric. It has slight shimmery appearance and slippery as well. Those who want can use it as a lining fabric.
  10. Wool: You can choose from 200 different types of this fabric to work with. You cannot even think of winter fabric without wool.
  11. Satin: it has a glossy appearance similar to silk and can be lightweight or heavyweight as you choose.
  12. Linen: This medium weight fabric comes with minimal elasticity, but ideal for warm weathers.

Stealth Shopper Checks Out LAB Consignment Store

LAB Studio in midtown Toronto. Since it is by appointment-only, the address is on a need-to-know basis to enforce its privacy factor.

Intimidation factor: Negligible. Though it is a high-end consignment boutique, LAB is located in a sunny, inviting, exposed-brick walled studio space.

Number of salespeople on floor: One, owner Lauren Baker.

Response time: Immediate. She opens the door.

Vibe: Suzanne Rogers’ closet meets private-school dorm room.

Price range: From $18 for undies to $4,000 for the Elizabeth Hurley/Versace safety-pin dress.

Rating: Three pairs of silver-heeled pumps out of four.

Remember that iconic Versace oversized safety-pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore to the London premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994? Hurley was supposed to be the film’s star Hugh Grant’s arm candy but she totally eclipsed him and put her own career on the map.

That dress is making a guest appearance at LAB Studio designer clothing consignment shop. I’d visited LAB’s previous incarnation as a vintage emporium at Ossington and Queen (LAB refers to the initials of owner Lauren Baker), but was unfamiliar with her next outpost on Avenue Rd. and Wilson. After having a baby 14 months ago, she decided to downsize and open a midtown studio.

She’s done with vintage polyester. LAB is the go-to for label lovers: everything from Alaia to YSL but in a stress-free environment. I pore through assorted racks and unearth a Missoni here; a Dolce & Gabbana there.

I spy a Celine perforated leather dress; a sleeveless floral Jil Sander frock; an edgy Ann Demeulemeester number with tags still on; and a beautiful Marc Jacobs cardie with seashells around the neck that cost $995 at Bergdorf’s but $299 at LAB. Everybody has a Burberry trench. Who else has a Burberry kilt?

A client brought in 56 pieces ranging from 1994 to 2007, the source of the Versace dress.

“Another woman texted me that she was consigning a piece she bought two days ago,” Baker says. “She bought it online and it didn’t fit. It was final sale — bad for her but good for me.”

There are purses galore: Fendi, Chloe, Prada. Lauren even has a designated Louis Vuitton corner which includes a blue train case, wallets and the coveted bags — much of them brand new. A classic “lumineuse emprente” bag is priced at $2,429, down from $3,100 retail. A mini “looping bag” is on sale for $299 from $760.

A glass case contains sunglasses, undies and Spanx. The fireplace mantelpiece serves as jewelry counter for goodies like a Gaultier charm bracelet and Marni necklace.

And shoes, glorious shoes! From Sam Edelman to Balmain. Lauren has the de rigueur vertiginous stilettos including a pair of crazy platform Louboutins that only Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga could pull off. More manoeuvrable footwear includes Max Mara riding boots, Brian Atwood rock chick boots with gold studs at the back and Dior lace-ups.

Clothing sizing ranges from zero to 14. Larger sizes don’t generally consign, she says. It’s probably because high-end designers don’t cut more generous sizing. But that is changing with designers like Michelle Obama fave Isabel Toledo now targeting the plus-sized market.

Fashion designer L’Wren Scott dead: Mick Jagger’s girlfriend commits suicide

L’Wren Scott, fashion designer to the stars and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend was found dead on Mar. 17 in her Manhattan apartment, according to a UK Daily Mail report. The 47-year old’s body was discovered hanging in her apartment by her assistant.

According to the New York Daily Mail, the former model’s body was found hanging from a scarf on a doorknob around 10 a.m. There was no suicide note at the scene, and police do no suspect foul play, sources indicate. However, the Medical Examiner’s Office will determine a cause of death.

Scott launched her fashion designer career in 2006, and has garnered an impressive client roster including Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Christina Hendricks.

Jagger, who has been dating Scott since 2001 is “completely shocked and devastated.” ABC News reports that he is currently on tour with his band, and recently arrived in Australia. Prior to finding out the sad news, the rocker tweeted his excitement. “Looking forward to the first show in Perth,” he tweeted just four hours ago.

Fashion Tips for Pear-Shaped Women

Everybody and every body is different — that’s what makes our world such a beautifully diverse place to live. But for some women, dressing for their particular body shape is more challenging than others. For pear-shaped women in particular, the discrepancy between upper and lower body sizes can be frustrating. But with a little research, dressing for a pear-shaped body can be easy and fun.

Highlight Your Assets

Often, women with pear-shaped bodies have smaller upper bodies than lower-bodies. If this is true in your case, use it to your advantage by highlighting a trim tummy or great breasts. Choose tops that cling to your upper body while leaving your pant or skirt choices on the looser side. If you have a long, slender neck, highlight it with multi-strand necklaces that drape in rows to show off the elegance of having an elongated neckline.

Use Color to Your Advantage

A major mistake that both pear-shaped and overweight women make when selecting wardrobe choices is thinking that by dressing all in black, they will be creating an overall slim silhouette. While it is true that black is a slimming color, for pear-shaped women, dressing in a monochromatic color scheme of any color or shade can create a boxy effect. Instead, choose a bright color or interesting patterns in a top, shirt or blouse, and stick to a black, navy or dark gray pair or pants or skirt to create the streamlined look you want.

Dress Your Best

Dresses are the pear-shaped woman’s secret weapon. When selecting dresses, aim for an A-line style that is fitted on top and gives a slight flare on the skirt. Avoid fitted dresses or pencil skirts. The use of A-line or empire waist dresses camouflages wider hips and thighs that characterize the pear-shape. Thus, dresses give the illusion of having a figure that is as small as the upper body all over. However, pear-shaped women still need to adhere to the typical “light on the top, dark on the bottom” mantra of dressing.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

An often overlooked but seriously important part of making the most of your pear shape is your choice of footwear. Too commonly, women think that footwear has no impact on the appearance of their body shape, but they are woefully misled. The number one best choice in footwear for a pear-shaped woman is the pointed toe, which creates a nice, extended look to the leg. Stiletto heels will throw off the balance of your look, but other types of heels will help elongate the look of the leg. One shoe style that pear-shaped women should avoid at all costs is the rounded-toe style, which cuts the foot off and gives the appearance of stunted legs.

How to Dress Big Thighs

A pear-shaped body stores fat on the hips and thighs, making you appear disproportionate in many types of clothing. You must keep the shape of your large thighs in mind when buying clothing, so your wardrobe complements your body’s natural curves. Dressing your large thighs does not mean donning baggy clothing; rather, wear articles that accentuate your more attractive features. Clothes that disguise the size difference between your thighs and the rest of your body will help balance your figure.


  1. Purchase wide-legged pants that do not taper with the shape of your leg down to your calf. These pants create a column shape, disguising the size difference between your upper and lower legs.
  2. Wear skirts that hang loosely from your hips and flare at the base, creating a bell shape. A-line skirts in particular will complement the shape of large thighs. Avoid any skirt that tapers or creates a straight line down your legs.
  3. Wear jackets and shirts that cinch in at your waist and flare out at your hips. Shirts and jackets should hang 2 to 3 inches past the band of your pants or skirt to draw attention away from your large thighs.
  4. Purchase clothing for your lower body in dark colors, such as black, charcoal and navy. Darker colors have a slimming effect, as they trick the eye into seeing shadows that make a surface appear smaller.
  5. Pick vibrantly colored tops to draw attention up and away from your thighs. Colors such as red, yellow, orange or white will complement the darker tones of your pants or skirts and make your thighs less noticeable.

Prom extravaganza…getting the best values without settling for less

The Event The prom is a big deal for teens…the preparation is almost the same caliber as a wedding or other special event. There are also costs involved, but if you are a parent like me shopping and spending smart is necessary. Are you aware the average cost to prepare a female for prom can average $750 easily. So let me share how to shop smart for prom without settling for less. My total cost was $625.
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The Dress Let’s get started! One of the high ticket items is the apparel. The biggest things for girls are the dress and all of the accessories. A concern for me was buying an elaborate dress and only wearing it once or just letting it hang in the closet. So, my daughter did some research and found a reputable company online which allows customers to rent dresses. The name of the company is This was perfect! The dress was affordable & beautiful, the dress designer is by Badgley Mischka-known as the Screen Siren Gown. There was also a $25 discount for first time rentals. Check out their website for more details.

The Accessories The next item to address are the accessories, I found Shoe Carnival as being the most cost effective along with having a great collection of shoes. The brand of shoe we selected is Tissue-s in the color gold by…the shoe was a steal purchased at $9.99 (the sale was to buy one pair of shoes at regular price…then you get the next pair at ½ price). To complete the total look we added accessories as earrings, hairpins, necklace, a ring and in step cushions for the shoes. The jewelry was purchased at H&M, an additional accessory used for the dress is the Braza Bra® The original the original adhesive bra.

Hair, Makeup & Nails The total look would not be complete with out hair and makeup. This project was a family affair. Hair by Tina O-Provided a Hollywood glam look with spiral curls. Following the theme, Celestial provided a Hollywood Glam look with makeup cosmetics compliments of Maybelline, bareMineral eye primer, Too Faced-Chocolate Bar, H&M Lip color in Dita (Red) Matte along with mascara and eyeliner. Gel overlay and pedicure provided by Classic Nails Professional Nail Care Center.

Florist The Corsage was purchased at Blossoms of Hawaii in Bronzeville. The fragrance choice was Pink Sugar- Eau de Toilette

Photographer The photography captured the preparations and the final look. All images were provided by Chicago Imaging, “Let us provide all of your imaging needs”. Additional images were also taken at the prom location. Navy Pier-Crystal Gardens. High School-King College Preparatory -Theme For Only one Night-Prom 2014

Transportation Provided by Uber.

So, it shows with proper planning, and working smart…you can have an elaborate look without settling for less or breaking your bank. Thanks for reading this article.

9 Knock-Out Knits

Knits are like a winter fashion rite of passage. Those in the know about style say you need at least one in your closet. You can go subtle with a knitted accessory — such as gloves, a hat or scarves — or opt for a larger piece, like a sweater dress or a statement cardigan, worn here by “Real Housewives” personality Kyle Richards. Knits are as cozy as they are fashionable and can be styled dozens of ways. Make sure whatever you buy fits well and is structurally sound so it lasts for years.

Knit Pullover

Singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding wears this quintessential winter knit pullover with a pair of black shorts for a youthful vibe. Jene Luciani, a nationally acclaimed fashion and style expert, says this look is right on trend, and also suggests pairing a pullover knit with leggings, shimmering tights, tweed shorts or jeans.

Knit Jacket

The tossed-over-the-shoulder knit jacket worn by British model Alice Dellal is a timeless garment that’s universally flattering. “This is a versatile piece you’ll wear all the time, especially in a neutral color like this one,” noted Luciani. “She could have come straight from work, worn it buttoned up over the dress in the office, and then taken it off to reveal some tasteful cleavage for the evening out.”

Knitted Scarf

“A scarf is a winter weather essential, but fashion-wise it’s meant to be an accent piece, so you want to make sure it does just that,” advised Luciani. She says that while this scarf — worn by singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepson — is a knock-out knit, it should be paired with either no hat or a smaller hat for better balance.

Curve-Hugging Knit Dress

Curves abound in this flattering knit dress worn by model Kyle Bax. “It’s really accentuating all her best assets without looking too tight,” said Luciani. “She’s completely smooth too, which tells me she has the right undergarments underneath — very important with a knit dress.”

Knit Beret

“I love a knit beanie cap with flowing locks and side-swept bangs peeking out,” said Luciani about singer-songwriter Brooke White’s knitted beret. “She’s also wearing the cap right at the crown, which is proper placement.” This chic placement shows off her face.

Cropped Knit Sweater

German actress Hannah Herzsprung stands out in this purple Chanel cropped knit sweater. Luciani said she loves bright colors in the winter and suggests not shying away from them. For a variation on this look, try a “button-down cardi with the marbled effect and stay in the color scheme of the skirt,” she advised.

Sequined Knit Cardigan

“I love a good metallic, especially around the holidays,” said Lucini of German singer-songwriter Bahar Kizil’s sequined knit cardigan. The sequins punch up an otherwise drab garment. “This sweater hits just above her hips, which still shows her shape, and she wears it open, so it shows off the sheer top underneath.”

Sheer Layered Knit Sweater

Ashlee Simpson pairs an oversize sheer knitted sweater with an undershirt and leggings. Luciani said the proportions here are good — baggy on top and fitted on the bottom — but cautioned to be wary of this look if you’re curvy since it can hide your shape and add pounds. She recommends this look for petite women, in particular.

Cropped Knit Cardigan

“No one does casual-chic quite like Katie Holmes,” said Luciani of the actress. “I love the leathery waxed look to the pants paired with the perfectly proportioned cardi and cream shell underneath.” When re-creating this look, keep things in a neutral color scheme like Holmes does and make sure every piece fits well.

‘Teatro Prometeo’ presents: ‘Lección Para Señoritas’

Teatro Prometeo at Miami Dade College (MDC), one of the major success stories in Miami’s theatrical history and the only Spanish-language conservatory in the country, announces the presentation of Leccion Para Señoritas. Set in a cabaret in the ‘Roaring 20s ‘, Lección para Señoritas is a modern version of renowned play, The School for Wives, written by Jean -Baptiste Poquelin Moliere (Paris, 1622 – 1673). This performance is directed by renowned actress/director Neher Jacqueline Briceño and it marks part of the new stage repertory at Teatro Prometeo for graduates of the Conservatory in Theatre Arts. Performance will be in Spanish with English supertitles.

When: March 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29 at 8:00 pm

Where: Teatro Prometeo, at MDC’s Wolfson Campus

300 NE 2 avenue

Miami, Florida

Monday edition: The modern man’s guide to timeless traditional style

A well-made and well-fitted suit is a classic wardrobe staple all men should invest in. Whether for business purposes or special occasions, only, a suit shows sophistication and speaks of versatility. Black, gray, navy and brown give off a more refined look and are timeless. Use these as your “go-to” suits.

If you’re looking to add some spice to your suit style, refer to Tom Ford’s spring/summer 2014 collection. The use of bright and fun colors in this collection give suave a whole new meaning. Tom Ford’s seasonal collection for 2014 was inspired by the carefree era of the seventies.