Bay view resort breakfast

Grotto Bay Beach Resort really gets its name from an underground cave found within its own bay view resort myrtle beach territory. The resort is located at the eastern end of the Island of Bermuda, and blooms with a variety of tropical plants and trees. It is located in a tropical garden covering an area of ​​21 hectares in Hamilton Parish which is also very close to the airport. Small beach resort with rocky shore.

But despite the fact that it is not as big as other resorts and it seems just a regular beach, it is considered one of Bermuda's finest hotels. Perhaps, the reason for this is that there are only some nice beaches nearby. But still, the coastline around it is quite charming with lots of natural caves and bays.

In addition, the resort continues to attract visitors especially those who want to experience an authentic Bermudan atmosphere. Another thing that attracts people to this resort is the fact that packages are more affordable compared to other resorts under the same category.

When you first see the place, you will be instantly impressed by the rustic look and the Bermudian architecture which just makes the scenery more beautiful. The rooms are strategically spread inside the resort's expanse so you have many choices with regard to which space to take. The design of the hotel is entirely charming and you will really love the feel of it once you get there.

In addition, each room has a balcony where you can relax while enjoying the impressive coastal scenery. And when you want to roam the beach, you can sit or lie down in a comfortable lounge chair complete with umbrellas. There are no additional charges for this provision so you can relax even more.

And because the whole place is very clean and the hotel staff is very friendly and helpful, always ready to help when the guests need something, most visitors are keen to return.

The unique feature of this hotel is the two hundred thousand year old grotto (grotto) underground cavern where the resort is named. As a guest, you are free to swim in the cool waters of the Cathedral Cave or be amazed at the sight of the Prospero cave stalactites. The water in this underground cave is so clear and refreshing that you will definitely have fun taking the plunge.

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